Steve Szmyt, author of The Kingdom

Anne, a beautiful and intelligent young graduate student, has it all. She has a kooky best friend, a fiancé who adores her and is at the top of her class. When one mysterious and charming professor offers her the chance of a lifetime, it’s an opportunity she can’t pass up.

As Anne and the Professor begin work on what promises to be a prestigious manuscript, strange events begin to transpire. Night terrors, fainting spells and unsavory characters who lurk around every corner are just the beginning. Should Anne just chalk them up to paranoia from the unusual subject of her work, or is something more sinister to blame? Unbeknownst to Anne, with each page she types, she delves ever deeper into a centuries-old battle for wealth and power.

Author Steven Szmyt’s stunning debut novel, The Kingdom, blends modern characters with ancient legends. Follow Anne on her journey through immortal battles between deadly creatures as she tries desperately to keep her family—and herself—alive.

A native New Englander, author Steven Szmyt lives in Portsmouth New Hampshire with his wife and two daughters.

Throughout his educational years, writing was a struggle though he found pleasure in reading, losing himself in the works of Stephen King, J.R.R Tolkien and Clive Cussler. After high school, he attended Notre Dame College then transferred to the Maine College of Art where he honed his artistic creativeness.  He then completed his education at Franklin Pierce College where he graduated cum laude with a graphic design degree and a minor in art history.   

Having secured only a few illustration and photography opportunities, Szmyt began to focus on writing. Starting many stories but never completing, he became frustrated. One cold winter evening, he experienced a brief but vivid dream. He got out of bed, fired up his computer and started typing.  His wife woke up a few hours later to find him working feverishly over a growing manuscript. During the next several weeks, he wrote tirelessly before and after work.  “The story just wrote itself, I was compulsive, I wanted to know where it was going to lead me,” he says. The work he was doing would become his first novel, The Kingdom.

Steven is an avid cyclist and is frequently found on the roads surrounding Portsmouth.  He plays piano and drums, and is currently learning guitar along with his youngest daughter.  His passion is rescuing Doberman Pinschers. He is currently working on new writing projects while re-visiting older pieces for fresh ideas. 

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